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Lardi Chiropractic Clinic offers a variety of services.  Details are listed below.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a new patient, click below.

Chiropractic Treatment

Initial Consultation and Examination

Regardless of the services you are interested in, our doctors want to know all about your health needs.  Each new patient will have a consultation and possible physical examination with the doctor.  This will help us determine the root factors involved with your health complaints and help us set individual goals for you.

Chiropractic Treatment
Consult and Exam
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We provide in-house same-day digital X-ray and will also burn a disc of your X-rays if requested.  Depending on your complaint and health history, our doctors may recommend X-rays.  This will assist in our diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  If you already have had any recent X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs, please bring the radiology disc and/or radiology reports with you on your first visit.


Chiropractic Adjustments

If the doctor has determined after your initial consultation and examination that chiropractic is an option for you, they will administer specific corrections to the spine and/or other joints.  These small corrections help the body to have better neurological communication and better biomechanics.  The doctor may use soft tissue/massaging techniques to supplement the adjustment.

Chiropractic Adjustments Service
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Depending on patient need, the doctor may recommend acupuncture.  The needling techniques we use are based off of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Research shows that acupuncture treatments activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for rest and relax responses as well as healing.


Active Therapies

If the doctor sees need, he or she may recommend specific therapeutic stretches and exercises to supplement your treatment.  Our in-office active therapies are always led by a doctor to ensure that they are done properly and according to individual needs.

Physical Therapy Session
Active Theray

Passive Therapies

Depending on your need, the doctor may prescribe passive therapies.  Therapies administered in the office include interferential muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, cold and hot therapies, as well as cupping.

Passive Therapy

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine seeks to delve deeper into the root cause of a  patient's symptoms.  This often involves bloodwork, urinalysis, and other lab tests.  Based on results, patients are given dietary, movement, and lifestyle recommendations.

Balancing Rocks
Fuctional Medicine
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We also offer Ideal Protein coaching in our office.  The goal for our clients is to improve metabolic health and train the body to use its own fat stores for fuel.  We offer free presentations about the program at least once per month.  Call the office at 815-634-3750 to register.

Ideal Protein

Foot Scans & Orthotics

We use a Footlevelers scanner to assess your foot health and arch integrity.  Depending on your score, the doctor may recommend custom orthotic insoles to improve body mechanics.

Orthopedic Insoles

Learn how to become a new patient.

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